Papal Crest Symbolism in Rome

Planning a trip to Rome, Italy? This bucket list vacation destination is one that offers visitors a wide variety of fascinating things to see and do, making it essential for all visitors to make a list of the top things to see and do when in Rome. Ready to learn more about Rome, also known as the City of Seven Hills, the City of Echoes, the City of Illusions, and the City of Yearning? Read More

Most Instagramed Cities

Most travelers enjoy taking lots of pictures when visiting various cities all over the world, as this is one of the best ways for them to create long lasting memories. Instagram is a photo uploading app that more and more travelers are using nowadays as it offers them an easy way to upload and share their pictures during their travels. Since many travelers are now using Instagram to tell a story, those who are looking to plan their next vacation destination are now using this social media platform as a way to choose their next vacation choice. Read More

Travel Tips for Visiting the Vatican

The majority of people who travel to Rome make it a point to visit the Vatican. Whether it’s for religious reasons or to view a cultural and highly global influence up close, taking a day to explore the wonders of the Vatican is highly suggested when in Rome. The fact that this historical structure has 9 miles of rooms and galleries makes it a good idea to plan an early trip in order see everything, as well as to avoid the crowds. Read More