Group Travel

While a solo vacation is perfect for couples and small families, sometimes you just have to get everyone together. That’s why we at Travel Makers pride ourselves on our ability to make traveling in a large group as easy as possible for you. There are more moving pieces, more flights and hotels to check, and more time and energy that has to be given in order to make sure every single member of the group is where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

Travel Makers has been booking and managing group travel for as long as we’ve been a company; in fact, it’s something we’re extremely good at. We book and manage local school trips every single year from overseas exchanges for the students to band trips to Disney World for high school band competitions.

Most hotels, airlines, and cruises offer significant discounts for groups, which means that you should be booking as a group whenever possible, instead of having everyone take care of their own travel. Travel Makers does this for a living, let us do it for you.