Group Travel

Let’s Go! Traveling is a wonderful experience that creates memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Why not enjoy it with a group of people? Whether you choose to travel with old friends and acquaintances or make new ones, group travel is a great way to travel abroad.  Group travel can be arranged by an outside company, or with a group of friends and family that you have organized yourself. For many, it is the optimal way to travel across the globe as it offers a tremendous amount of benefits. For one, most hotel, airlines and cruises offer a significant discount for groups, which in turn can bring your overall travel expenses down. There is also safety in group travel, as it is much safer to travel in numbers when in an unfamiliar place.

You also have the guidance and expertise of the designated tour guide who is usually a native, and knowledgeable in the foreign country you are visiting. The guide can assist with the challenge of language barriers, foreign currencies,  transportation systems, or the customary way of doing things. If there is no leader, the group can still benefit by working together to assess any difficult situations that may arise.

Travel Makers coordinates with a variety of travel organizations internationally  to offer you a wide selection of group travel excursions and destinations. Let us inspire your next group gathering!