Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Why visit Barcelona, Spain? Barcelona is a place that is full of rich and diverse culture. Every region offers its own unique traditions, presenting visitors with the ability to explore a variety of art, theater, movies, cuisine, scenery and more. While many visitors choose to stay in Barcelona To explore the area, many others will choose to take one or more day trips while vacationing in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Read More

36 Hours in Amsterdam

Why visit Amsterdam? Amsterdam is situated in the Western Netherlands, and is The capital of the Netherlands. It’s quite famous for its canals, coffee shops, cultural history, art galleries, it’s bike riding culture, its Dutch tulips, its architecture, its overall diversity, Anne Frank’s house, and its Red Light District. Since Amsterdam is a place where there are many things for visitors to do, making a plan for what one wants to see and do while vacationing in Amsterdam is a great idea. Read More

Where to Eat Tapas in Barcelona

Considering taking your next vacation in the beautiful city of Barcelona? Barcelona is the capital of Spain, and is located along Spain’s North Eastern Mediterranean coast. It’s the largest city in Spain, and is well-known for its history, architecture, accommodating climate, and its many different types of delicious cuisine. One of the more popular food options consumed in Barcelona is Tapas. Read More

Things To Do in Tel Aviv

Did you know that Tel Aviv is called the Mediterranean Capital of Cool? There are so many fun, exciting, interesting and educational things to do in Tel Aviv, that more and more people are adding this fascinating Israel city to their traveling bucket list. With a population just under 420,000, this city was founded by the Jewish community. It is now considered to be a global city, as it’s the 5th most visited city that’s located within the Middle East. Read More

What is a Yakiniku Restaurant in Japan?

Yes, travelers are still booking their vacations. Even though the covid-19 pandemic has currently brought a stop to a lot of traveling options, it will one day end. This means travelers are still looking into their travel destination options, as they look forward to the day when the current restrictions are lifted so the traveling community can once again get back on track to enjoying their travels. Read More

Truffle Hunting in the Istrian Region of Croatia

Visiting Croatia is on many travelers lists for best places to travel. This central European, Mediterranean country is one that borders the Adriatic Sea, making it a maritime border with Italy. The Croatian government has recently begun to reopen its economy, with hopes of reopening its borders as soon as they can do so safely. In the meantime, travelers can go ahead and book their next trip to Croatia. Read More

Why Everyone Should Take Advantage of Pre/Post Land Tours in Alaska

Wondering why you should sign up for a pre and/or post land tour when taking your next vacation? Both pre-land and post-land tours are great options for vacationers who have chosen to take a cruise, as these types of tours offer the ability to explore even more of what a particular location has to offer. Some of the more popular pre-land tour and post-land tour destinations people are signing up for these days are located in the beautiful state of Alaska. Read More

Must Eat Food in Lisbon, Portugal

Currently planning a trip to Portugal? Many people are planning their vacations right now, as they have plenty of time to do so due to the current quarantine. One of the more popular destinations people are choosing is Portugal, as this Southwestern European vacation destination is one that is well known for its beaches, dessert wines, and delicious food choices. Read More

Papal Crest Symbolism in Rome

Planning a trip to Rome, Italy? This bucket list vacation destination is one that offers visitors a wide variety of fascinating things to see and do, making it essential for all visitors to make a list of the top things to see and do when in Rome. Ready to learn more about Rome, also known as the City of Seven Hills, the City of Echoes, the City of Illusions, and the City of Yearning? Read More

Spotlight in Kyoto

Currently planning your next trip to Japan? While the capital of Japan is Tokyo, Kyoto is knows as Japan’s cultural capital, as it was the capital city of Japan until 1868. Since there are many fascinating, educational, and historical things to see and explore when choosing to vacation in Kyoto, ready to learn more about what to focus on when choosing to visit Japan’s cultural center? Read More