Things To Do in Tel Aviv

Did you know that Tel Aviv is called the Mediterranean Capital of Cool? There are so many fun, exciting, interesting and educational things to do in Tel Aviv, that more and more people are adding this fascinating Israel city to their traveling bucket list. With a population just under 420,000, this city was founded by the Jewish community. It is now considered to be a global city, as it’s the 5th most visited city that’s located within the Middle East.

Things To Do in Tel Aviv

All visitors are encouraged to sign up for one or more of the many tours offered in Tel Aviv to get the inside scoop – architecture, street art, food, nightlife, bicycling, more. Since this vibrant city is one that offers things to do around the clock, there’s always something to do. The below list includes some of the more popular.

Mediterranean Beaches. The beaches in Tel Aviv stretch for miles along the city’s western edge. Some of the more popular beaches include the Hilton Beach, the Gordon-Frishman Beach, Banana Beach, Dolphinarium Beach, and Alma Beach. Since each beach offers a different type of environment, visitors are encouraged to learn more about each beach location so they can choose which beach is a good choice for them.

Nightlife Scene. It’s true! Tel Aviv is known to have one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Europe. From large, diverse nightclubs to hipster bars to small local neighborhood bars, Tel Aviv has it all. In most places, the party doesn’t even fully start until around midnight, and doesn’t stop until they close, which is sometime in between dawn and the early morning hours.

Cultural Scene. Tel Aviv has an amazing cultural scene. There are many things to see and do in order to discover and learn more about Tel Aviv’s interesting history and culture, making it necessary for visitors to set aside a minimum of two days to explore its cultural scene. Examples of scenes that are a must include the Planetarium, the Suzanne Dellal Center, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Rabin Square and Jaffa Port.

UNESCO World Heritage Site – White City Neighborhood. The White City was recognized by UNESCO due to its large collection of Bauhaus-style buildings. These white buildings include many architectural aspects that make them a must see, especially for those who appreciate architecture. Taking a detailed tour is the best way for visitors to learn more about the fascinating White City of Tel Aviv.

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