36 Hours in Amsterdam

Why visit Amsterdam? Amsterdam is situated in the Western Netherlands, and is The capital of the Netherlands. It’s quite famous for its canals, coffee shops, cultural history, art galleries, it’s bike riding culture, its Dutch tulips, its architecture, its overall diversity, Anne Frank’s house, and its Red Light District. Since Amsterdam is a place where there are many things for visitors to do, making a plan for what one wants to see and do while vacationing in Amsterdam is a great idea.

36 hours in Amsterdam

The fact that the majority of Amsterdam’s tourist attractions can be seen in two to four days, means many visitors will choose to vacation in Amsterdam for this amount of time. this makes it necessary to make a plan when exploring Amsterdam in order to ensure that all one wants to see and do can be achieved.

The list below includes what visitors can do in Amsterdam in 36 hours’ time.

Check Out the Canal System. Amsterdam is well known for its network of narrow waterways. The canal system is one that allows for easy transport throughout the city, and was once used as traffic routes to transport both goods and people. One of the easiest and best ways to explore Amsterdam’s canal system is to sign up for one of the historic canal tours, which allows tourists to sit back and relax while enjoying some of the more amazing sights of Amsterdam.

Attend a Classical Concert. Those who love classical music will enjoy attending one of Amsterdam’s orchestral performances. Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw offers classical concerts, allowing those who attend to enjoy the music even more due to the exceptional acoustics that Take place in this location, especially when the performance is in the Grand Main Hall.

Ride a Bicycle Through the Countryside. Amsterdam is a flat city, making it easy for all ages to ride a bike in and around the city. This makes renting a bike or signing up for a guided bicycle tour a great way to discover this fascinating city. Amsterdam offers bicycles free for public use, making it one of the best bike friendly cities in the world today.

Visit the Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot. This particular Castle was built more than 700 years ago and is known as one of the more charming and quaint medieval castles existing today. It is a listed UNESCO site, and is sure to fascinate all who visit. Free audio tours are available, allowing visitors to learn more about this fascinating Castle, which includes 5 towers, a drawbridge, and a moat.

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