Travel Tips for Visiting the Vatican

The majority of people who travel to Rome make it a point to visit the Vatican. Whether it’s for religious reasons or to view a cultural and highly global influence up close, taking a day to explore the wonders of the Vatican is highly suggested when in Rome. The fact that this historical structure has 9 miles of rooms and galleries makes it a good idea to plan an early trip in order see everything, as well as to avoid the crowds.

The Vatican

The Vatican is located in Vatican City, Rome, and is the official residence of the Pope. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world at just over 100 acres. The Vatican makes its own money, makes its own stamps, has its own flag, and even created its own anthem, making it a monarchy led by the elected Pope. Roughly 600 people claim Vatican citizenship, which includes cardinals, clergy members, Swiss Guard members and nuns.

Travel Tips for Visiting the Vatican

The following are some of the absolute best travel tips for visiting the Vatican.


  • Preplan the day. Preplanning the day to visit the Vatican is suggested as it does close on certain days throughout the year.
  • Leave large bags at the hotel. No one is allowed to bring in any large bags, purses, backpacks, or any sharp objects. If large items are brought, cloakroom services are available. Small bags, etc. are allowed.
  • Dress for the day. Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes is suggested. Visitors are asked to wear modest clothing that covers at a minimum most of their body.
  • Avoid peak crowds. The Vatican is more likely to be crowded on the last Sunday of the month due to free entrance. The Vatican is also more likely to be busier between the months of March and November.
  • Buy tickets in advance online. Buying tickets online is going to save time as there’s no need to stand in a long line to buy the tickets.
  • Sign up for very early morning tours. Vacationers who sign up for early morning tours will not only get private tours of the Vatican, they will also get to stay after the tour is over to further explore all the wonders of the Vatican.
  • Sign up for a walking tour of the Vatican museums. Tours start about an hour before the crowds begin to arrive, allowing visitors time to explore and learn about the museum’s while it’s still empty and thus quiet.
  • Pay extra for ‘skip the line’ Vatican admission tickets. When ‘skip the line’ Vatican admission tickets are purchased visitors are able to enjoy exclusive access through a reserved entranceway, which means not having to wait in long lines.
  • Waiting tour guides. Being wary of any waiting ‘tour guides’ approaching people when they are already at the Vatican is highly suggested.

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