Where to Eat Tapas in Barcelona

Considering taking your next vacation in the beautiful city of Barcelona? Barcelona is the capital of Spain, and is located along Spain’s North Eastern Mediterranean coast. It’s the largest city in Spain, and is well-known for its history, architecture, accommodating climate, and its many different types of delicious cuisine. One of the more popular food options consumed in Barcelona is Tapas.


Tapas is a general name that is used to describe small bowls of food that are shared by all eaters. Using one’s fingers to dig in describes how one should eat tapas, and makes for a fun and delicious meal. Additional names on menus for tapas include raciones, which means a larger portion of tapas, pinchos, which are smaller bite-sized portions of tapas, and platos combinados, which often refers to an entire meal of all of the different tapa offerings a particular restaurant has to offer.

Where to Eat Tapas in Barcelona

A shortlist of some of the more popular types of tapas in Barcelona are Pan con Tomate, Patatas Bravas, Chipirones, Anchoas, Russion Salad, and Croquetas. A few drink suggestions to accompany a tapas meal include Basque cider, Txacoli, cava, and vermouth.

The list below includes the most popular places in Barcelona to eat tapas.

Alnorte – Northern Spanish flavored tapas are an option at this charming bar.

Balius – This cocktail bar specializes in making the perfect cocktail to go along with their tapas.

Bar Bodega l’Electricitat – Serves a variety of tasty tapas, as well as wine serves straight from the barrel.

Bar Cañete – A finer dining tapas option, with seafood tapas a focus.

Bar Mut – A romantic setting for tapas eating, and due to tis popularity, reservations are recommended.

Bar Omar – A great choice for consuming seasonal tapas.

Betlem Miscellánia Gastronomica – This restaurant offers a casual dining experience, and is a popular choice amongst locals.

Bodega La Puntual – Only high-quality ingredients are used to make tapas at this restaurant.

Bormuth – Great atmosphere for eating tapas, and/or consuming vermouth, craft beers.

El Puestu – Serves comfort tapas, all made with quality ingredients.

La Cova Fumada – Super fresh tapas, friendly servers, no reservations are accepted, so early arrival is recommended.

Pervers – This poetry theme tapa bar is a must for poetry lovers.

Quimet y Quimet – A restaurant bar that specializes in seafood tapas.

Tapas 24 – These authentic tapas are made by a famous chef, and thus a must try for those looking for the best tapas in Barcelona.

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