Papal Crest Symbolism in Rome

Planning a trip to Rome, Italy? This bucket list vacation destination is one that offers visitors a wide variety of fascinating things to see and do, making it essential for all visitors to make a list of the top things to see and do when in Rome. Ready to learn more about Rome, also known as the City of Seven Hills, the City of Echoes, the City of Illusions, and the City of Yearning?


While the city of Rome is often included in European vacations, many vacationers will choose to only visit Rome. The city is known for its leisurely pace, includes many small and charming villages, offers some of the best tasting cuisine in all the world, and is full of rich cultural heritage. Some of the more popular enticements include visiting its Ancient Ruins, enjoying its captivating architecture, exploring Vatican City, experiencing its Sistine Chapel, and discovering more about the importance of its Papal Crest Symbolism.

Papal Crest Symbolism in Rome

Over the years, many papal families have lived in Rome, making it a place that’s known for its influential papal families. Every family created its own crest, which they used to let others know who they were and what they were all about. Crests were passed down to firstborn sons, aka cadency. Additional sons were allowed to elaborate on the family’s crest in order to create a slightly different version that would symbolize their individual families.

These papal family crests are of great interest to travelers who enjoy looking into a certain city’s past history, as exploring Rome’s past papal nobility can make for quite the adventure. Since many crests can be seen throughout all of Rome, finding and viewing them is something many of Rome’s visitors are choosing to do. Examples of crest symbols include bees, olive branches, doves, elephants. crosses, swords, and angels.


  • Bees are a crest symbolism that represent production, creativity, prosperity, diligence, eloquence, majestic power, and/or a well-governed industry.
  • Olive branches are a crest symbolism that represent peace and concordance.
  • Doves are a crest symbolism that represent peace, loving devotion, and friendship.
  • Elephants are a crest symbolism that represent great strength, wit, happiness, good luck, ambition, and longevity.
  • Crosses are a crest symbolism that represent a Christian experience or similar sentiment.
  • Swords are a crest symbolism that represent justice and military honor.
  • Angels are a crest symbolism that represent dignity, honor and glory.

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