Adventure Travel

“One way to get the most out of life is to look at it like an adventure…”  – William Feather

For some, a vacation isn’t about relaxing poolside, but exploring natural and manmade wonders, hiking through stunning vistas, or diving to unseen reefs and shipwrecks. If this sounds like your idea of a exhilarating vacation, then adventure travel is just what you’ve been searching for. While adventure travel typically conjures up visions of hiking snowcapped mountains or helicoptering to the top of glaciers, it can also include exploring lands rich in history and societies much different than our own. These trips are hand-tailored by our Travel Designers to provide you with everything from thrilling extreme sport opportunities to opening your mind through an exploration of ancient history and alien cultures.

It’s not all extreme sports and history, either. Over the past several years, we here at Travel Makers have noticed that many businesses are using trips like these to build relationships inside their teams, creating an even more productive workforce. Travel Makers will combine their extensive group travel experience and knowledge of adventure travel to help businesses grow and reward their employees.

Walking on the wild side is difficult enough as it is, and that’s why we here at Travel Makers will work with you to create a vacation that is truly an adventure.