Adventure Travel

“One way to get the most out of life, it to look at it like an adventure”  William Feather

Do you need a little more adventure in your life? Step out of your norm and add some out-of-the-box thrills to your next vacation. Make this trip a wild one, with adrenaline building activities at every turn, and we promise, you will build memories that will last a lifetime!

Adventure getaways allow people to go beyond their comfort zones and rediscover that childlike wonder and excitement that so often gets tucked away and forgotten over the years. When people experience jaw dropping beauty such as kayaking and exploring crystal clear waters and lands full of history, zip lining down mountainsides, or E-biking through Switzerland vineyards, they reconnect to the world around them. (E-bikes provide that extra electric boost for longer rides with less resistance) Adventure excursions are now commonly being used by many companies, groups and families for community building and personal enrichment.

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Our advice? Get a little crazy, and do something you’ve never done. You won’t regret it.  At Travel Makers we can set you up on an adventure anywhere from the comfort of your own town, to the distant corners of Africa. Hand gliding, two-wheeling or hiking, the choice is yours!