Destination Weddings

“If love is the food of life, travel is the dessert” – Amanda Jane Sturges

The highly evolved version of “eloping” is not only acceptable, but has gained much acceptance as one of the most memorable types of weddings in existence. While once frowned upon, destination weddings have gained popularity for many reasons. They are extremely fun, less stressful than planning the traditional style wedding, and very affordable.

If you were to compare the average cost of a traditional wedding to the cost of traveling to an all inclusive resort to tie the knot, while infusing the honeymoon and hosting the party for the group that will be joining you, the destination wedding still comes out on top as far as money.

Synchronously, destination weddings also work as family reunions and are the perfect way to spend quality time with guests, family and friends in a relaxed, joyful environment. The celebration goes beyond just the wedding day, and becomes a wedding week full of family camaraderie.

Destination weddings also work as great alternatives for second marriages as they create memories of a wedding that are unique and special for the newlyweds.

Conclusively, a destination wedding may just be the answer you desire for your dream wedding!