Travel Products to Pack for an Eco-friendly Vacation

Whether you’re someone who has recently decided to start focusing on taking eco-friendly vacations, or someone who has always focused on eco- friendly travel, you need to always be on top of the best travel products that are deemed to be acceptable for this type of vacation. Eco-friendly travel is continuing to grow in popularity, and is synonymous with environmentally-friendly travel and green travel.

Why an Eco-friendly Vacation?

More and more people are looking into their low impact travel options nowadays. This explains why there are so many ecotourism companies to choose from, which is great news for those who are looking to book their next eco-friendly vacation. So why are more people choosing to lessen their footprint when traveling? Because they care about the world we live in, and they want to do their part when it comes to preserving our beautiful planet.

A few eco-friendly traveling tips? Stay in a green hotel, support businesses that support green travel, support cafes and restaurants that use locally grown food, and lastly, be sure to always use eco-friendly travel products.

Travel Products to Pack for Eco-friendly Vacations

The following is a list of eco-friendly travel products that every green traveler should further explore.


  • BPA-free Water Bottles: there are many really cool green water bottles available nowadays, making it easy to purchase one of them so all someone has to do is refill the bottle.
  • Eco-friendly Coffee Cups: for travelers to enjoy drinking their morning coffee (or tea, or soda, or juice, or even wine!), environmentally-friendly coffee cups are available. With proper care, a quality cup will last forever!
  • Reusable Straws: straws are a large pollution problem. This makes it a great idea to buy reusable straws, which are made using a quality plastic or glass.
  • Reusable Food Containers: travelers who use reusable food containers are choosing a perfect alternative to the plastic bags and Styrofoam containers that are so popular when ordering food on the go.
  • Reusable Cutlery: there’s no need to use throw away plastic knives, spoons and forks anymore, as there are quite a few reusable cutlery choices available these days.
  • Ocean-friendly Sunscreen: be sure to choose a sunscreen that won’t hurt the ocean, including the planet’s vanishing coral reefs.
  • Turkish Towels: instead of using bulky beach towels, ethically sourced Turkish towels are a great lightweight and compact alternative.
  • A Solar Charger: a solar charger harnesses energy from the sun, reducing and even eliminating the electricity needs of a traveler.

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