Schonbrunn Palace Dinner and Concert



Currently planning your next vacation destination? Vienna, Austria is deemed to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe! It’s central European location makes this innovative city one that many people are choosing to visit, as there are many exciting and wonderful things to do when in Vienna.

About Vienna

The Viennese culture calendar of interesting things to see and do is always full! Film festivals, open air concerts, Christmas markets, operas, art galleries, dance balls, trendy cafes, and much more all available to be seen and explored while vacationing in Vienna. Even though Vienna is one of the major European cities, it’s not overly crowded and it’s very walkable. Many people decide to vacation in Vienna because it’s such a unique cultural destination, and accordingly take their time exploring this culturally rich city.

Schonbrunn Palace Dinner

The historic Schonbrunn Palace is a place that allows diners to feel like they are royalty! The ambiance is one that exudes class, and is also quite romantic due to the candlelight lighting. The 3-course dinner meal includes a variety of Vienna cuisine choices, allowing diners to truly enjoy the culinary food choices that are typical of traditional Austria. The fact that there is only one dinner choice per night, makes it a good idea for diners to plan ahead by looking at their preplanned menu.

Schonbrunn Palace Concert

Many people don’t realize that Vienna is the world capital of music! More famous composers came from Vienna than anywhere else in the world, and is why the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra performs for audiences everyday at 8:30 PM. Mozart performed in the palace in 1786, setting the tone for the palace concerts that today focus on music by both Mozart and Strauss. Dance performances and vocal performances also take place at the Schonbrunn Palace, making for a variety of entertaining, classical music concerts.

Dinner and Concert Packages

There are 3 dinner and concert packages to choose from:

  • An Evening in Schonbrunn: Palace Tour, Dinner And Mozart Concert
  • An Evening in Schonbrunn: Concert and Dinner
  • VIP Package: Schonbrunn Palace Tour, Dinner And Concert


The first part of the concert includes overtures, arias and duets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The second part of the concert includes operetta arias, waltzes and polkas by Johann Strauss.

Good to Know

The Schonbrunn Palace also offers guided tours! These tours are a must do, as there are so many interesting pieces of information and facts to learn about this historical and fascinating palace.

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