Mystic Hot Springs Monroe Utah

Enjoy being at one with nature? Enjoy different types of art? Then you’ll likely enjoy taking a trip to Mystic Hot Springs, located in the beautiful state of Utah. The main focus here is on raising one’s self-awareness, which allows them to be their true authentic self. And it all started with one person’s idea, Mike Ginsberg, who simply saw a vision and made it come to life. A work in progress since 1996, the special energy found in Mystic Hot Springs is truly unlike any other place.

The History of Mystic Hot Springs

Many people say the scene here reminds them of days past, which can most likely be attributed to the fact that it has been used as a Hot Spring location for more than a hundred years. Before Ginsberg bought the property in 1996, the former owners made a large pooling of the bottom of a hill and promoted this Hot Springs location to everyone in the area. Mystic Hot Springs soon became known as a place where people could go soak away their troubles and relax.

Word quickly spread, and now that many people were coming to experience all the benefits that a Hot Springs soaking offered, they decided that a dance floor needed to be added for some additional fun. The Home of Mirth and Merriment soon became their motto, which is still appropriate today.

Mystic Hot Springs Today

To add uniqueness, Ginsberg found and bought pioneer caverns to place on the property, of which now there are a total of 15 cabins, aka Pioneer Village. They’re all in different stages of being restored, and only recycled materials are used. There are also many mobile home sites where residents live year round.

Visitors have many choices when it comes to accommodations – tent camping, car camping, renting one of the many cabins, staying in a nature bus, a camp bus or a farm bus, and staying in their own recreational vehicle at one of the many RV site locations.

Soaking areas are also many and include soaking at The Source, soaking in The Channel in bathtubs (there are many bathtub choices!), soaking in The Shallow Pool, and soaking in The Deep Pool.

Concerts and festivals are held throughout the year. Some of the bands that have already played at Mystic Hot Springs includes Jerry Joseph, The Zen Tricksters, The Animal Liberation Orchestra, Don Conoscenti, and the David Nelson Band.

Visitors are welcome to stay for a few days, or many years!

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