Dinner in the Sky

Love adventure? Not afraid of heights? Then this is definitely an experience you need to add to your bucket list. The name says it all – you’ll be enjoying your dinner while sitting on a platform that’s raised to be high in the sky, giving you a view like never before. Ready to enjoy a truly unforgettable and daring dinner adventure that is like no other?

Dinner in the Sky

It all started with an idea. A communications agency that specializes in gourmet food contacted a company that specializes in amusement park installations – and a flying dinner table high in the sky was born. This initial idea quickly took off and now there are more than 45 countries that allow adventurous gourmet food lovers to enjoy the experience of eating their dinner at a flying dinner table.

The Details: The table that fits on the platform is able to seat 22 people, making this a great dinner choice for large groups. There is enough room for three chefs to cook everyone their dinner and there are no fixed menus. Examples of dinners already served include everything from sushi, to tapas, to lobster and much more. Any age can attend as long as they are at least 4 feet, 9 inches in height.

New Twists: Dinner in the Sky has led to other creative ideas that take place way up high in the sky – Beach Bar in the Sky, Opera in the Sky, Internet Café in the Sky, PokerMatch in the Sky, Meeting in the Sky, Marriage in the Sky, Swing in the Sky, Lounge in the Sky.

Safety: Of course, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on safety. This is why all of the designs are based on known safety controls.

Ready to Make Your Reservation?

The reason why Dinner in the Sky has been so successful over the years is because a large focus was placed on the exclusivity this dining option brings. The experience is one that is truly extraordinary and unlike any other, making it so that those who love adventure and are not afraid of heights can look forward to enjoying their gourmet food while enjoying the views only experienced from such a unique and high location.

Ready to make your reservations? After your experience with Dinner in the Sky, you’re sure to look into your other In the Sky options. Which one will you choose to experience next? Ever heard the sky’s the limit? Not any more.

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