HighSeas Seafood Raft in Runaway Bay Jamaica

Thinking about taking your next vacation in Jamaica? If yes, then you’ll definitely want to look into whether or not Runaway Bay is going to be your perfect Jamaican location destination. It’s not the huge tourist attraction like many other beach destinations are, so there aren’t as many people here as there are in other, more popular beach vacationer destinations. Yet it’s also not quite as laid back as some of the off the beaten path beach destinations that some vacationers are looking for when they want some peace and quiet on their vacation, making this the perfect mix of in between.

Runaway Bay Jamaica

All year long the weather in Runaway Bay is somewhere between 80° and 90°, making the weather perfect in this location. There’s a special place set aside for snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy the clear blue waters, and the large swimming pool accommodates all ages. There’s also a full golf course available for both beginning and experienced golfers, and plenty of fresh and delicious local cuisine to enjoy.

High Seas Seafood Raft

One of the newer reasons why vacationers are choosing Runaway Bay as their next vacation destination is because there’s a really cool and brand new floating raft restaurant that everyone is talking about – the HighSeas Seafood Raft. The raft is made of bamboo so yes, it actually floats on top of the water. The two brothers who own and operate this floating restaurant in Jamaica – Jarome and Christipher – tells customers it’ll be about a half an hour before they can get served, because everything is made fresh to order. Customers are more than willing to wait for the fresh seafood dishes that many claim are to die for.

The food choices will often vary depending on what is caught that day, which indeed makes for some of the freshest tasting seafood! Once someone places an order, it’s caught, cooked and prepared, and where everyone can watch. One of the more popular Jamaican seafood dishes includes adding the following to the catch of the day – pineapple, sweet potato, onions, garlic, avocado, breadfruit and a special marinade – which truly sets this floating seafood restaurant’s food apart from all others.

When visiting Runaway Bay in Jamaica, ordering fresh seafood from a floating raft restaurant from two brothers who had a really great and original idea is an absolute must! The fact that Jarome and Christipher never give anything less than the best customer service is simply another reason that keeps vacationers coming back over and over again.

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