Baltimore, Maryland – The Sagamore Pendry Baltimore


Currently planning your next trip to Baltimore, Maryland? There are many things to see and do in Baltimore, which is why so many vacationers are choosing to visit this popular American City. The award-winning restaurants, the many harbors, the must-see museums, the upcoming music scene, and the welcoming people are just a few of the many reasons why Baltimore is a popular city for couple and family vacations.


The Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

Staying at the Sagamore Pendry is a must for vacationers who are looking for luxury accommodations. The hotel is one that embraces Baltimore’s rich history of culture, offering some of the most absolutely spectacular views of the harbor. This regent hotel is simply a fantastic symbol of Baltimore’s historic past, what has been remodeled in order to provide the modern and extravagant accommodations guests are not only looking for, but expect nowadays.

Both rooms and suites are available, with both types of accommodations offering guests a modern sophistication that’s designed with comfort in mind. The floor to ceiling windows allow for truly impressive views, and one of the main reasons why so many vacationers to choose to return year after year. Some of the rooms come with an attached private balcony, allowing guests the ability to relax outside while taking in the view.

There are two different dining rooms available, of which both are truly impressive. This is why both guests and local residents frequent either The Rec Pier Chop House or the Cannon Room. The Rec Pier Chop House is now under the direction of all-star chef Andrew Carmellini, who has created a truly impressive Italian menu that has made the House even more popular than it once was. Guests can also choose to lounge at whiskey bar or hangout in the waterfront lounge.

The pool area offers guests panoramic views of the harbor and is simply ideal when it comes to lounging with friends and/or family. The outdoor bar and grill makes it easy to spend the entire day poolside.

The Sagamore Pendry Hotel is one of Baltimore’s most interesting and popular cultural hot spots. It makes for the perfect hotel stay for all types of vacationers, whether they are staying for the weekend or booking a weeklong trip. It’s also a great place to book certain types of events, making it a perfect location for newlyweds who are looking for a wedding venue or for family’s who are planning a family reunion.

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