Traveling on the Orient Express

Love trains? Then you just may enjoy booking your next trip on the Orient Express. This long-distance passenger train was created more than 100 years ago and includes several routes, which have been changed over the years many times. While the train was out of service for many years, it was reinstated in 1982 and ever since then has been a popular train travel choice for vacationers. Nowadays, the Orient Express is highly associated with luxury train travel. Two of its most popular destinations are Paris and Istanbul.

Traveling on the Orient Express

Ready to book your next train trip on the Orient Express? If a luxury train tour sounds exciting to you, then you’ll truly enjoy stepping aboard onto this famous rail car. The Orient Express is Europe’s first transcontinental express train and has been restored to its glory days of long ago, allowing for the luxury and private accommodations many travelers are looking for nowadays.

Prepared to be transported back in time as the oriental rugs, the velvet drapes, the hard wood paneling and the deep armchairs all help to set the mood. First class services include gourmet meals, cozy lounging cars, afternoon teas, on-board entertainment, elegant cabin suites and dedicated stewards.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express travels through western and central Europe and is the most commonly traveled train route. This particular route truly allows for a visual journey like no other and is popular amongst travelers looking for luxury train accommodations as well as romantic train vacations. A variety of accommodation options are available, including twin cabins, cabins suites, grand suites and single suites. Only the grand suites contain showers. All cabins contain air conditioning.

Passengers can dine in three different dining cars – the Étoile, the du Nord the L’Oriental and the Côte d’Azur. All dining options offer passengers five star services. The Bar Car includes a baby grand piano, making for a unique atmosphere where passengers can enjoy their beverages late into the evening hours. The Champagne Bar offers comfortable chairs and sofas and large windows, allowing passengers to enjoy their champagne while appreciating the spectacular scenery. A lounging car is the perfect place for passengers to relax, read, enjoy cocktails, and enjoy the company of other passengers.

Other popular route options include:

  • The United Kingdom’s Royal Scotsman travels throughout Scotland.
  • The Danube Express travels through exciting destinations like Budapest, Istanbul and Prague,
  • The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express travels more than 6000 miles to get from Moscow to Vladivostok.

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