Liechtenstein Tricentennial Year

While Liechtenstein is the world’s six smallest country, don’t think that this western European country doesn’t offer plenty of things to see and do. This spectacular 62 square mile country is specifically located in the Upper Rhine Valley of the European Alps, with Austria to its east and Switzerland to the south and west. Although two of the things vacationers come to see here include museums and castles, many people choose to vacation in this area due to the many events that take place here.

Liechtenstein’s Tricentennial Year

The year 2019 is the 300th anniversary of Lichtenstein’s founding! The more than 36,000 locals that live here will be participating in many of the ceremonies and celebrations that are planned to take place during the entirety of the 2019 year. The country is excited to present so many unique opportunity’s, and for that reason are expecting many travelers to visit the country during their tricentennial year. The country’s focus is to promote its rich history, while at the same time letting people know how excited they are about the country’s future.

The celebration started the end of January, when locals from all 11 municipalities marched through the country. They visited a variety of special sites located on the way to their end location, Scheidgraben, where a grand celebration was held. Near the end of February, the Liechtenstein National Museum held a special exhibition that provided those attending with an interesting review of their history.

In May, anyone can choose to travel the Liechtenstein Trail. The trail is nearly 50 miles long and connects a variety of already existing trail ways to make one long interesting trek. The views from every part of the trail are impressive, with varying landscapes that are always changing and seem to go on forever.

In August, Liechtenstein locals and visitors will all come together in Vaduz, the capital, in order to celebrate the country as a community. Liechtenstein’s capital offers a wide variety of museums for exploring and are a must-see for anyone who is visiting the country for the first time.

Due to the tricentennial year celebrations, vacationers are encouraged to look into the many special traveling opportunities being offered this year. Opportunities include but are not limited to tour and tasting vineyard tours, sightseeing tours, visiting certain landmarks, and behind the scenes tours.

The country has also developed a number of app’s for users to download, making it easier for them to access information on the rich history Liechtenstein offers.

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