Walking Tour and Dinner in the Villa in Trastevere (Rome)

Looking for more things to do while in Rome besides the usual sightseeing activities? While some Rome attractions are a must see, a walking tour in Trastevere down cobbled roads just might be what you’re looking for when wanting to experience something beyond the usual ‘when vacationing in Rome’. Trastevere is a wonderful and somewhat hidden part of Rome that’s a definite must see for those who like to go off the beaten path from time-to-time.

Walking Tour and Dinner in Trastevere, Rome

The walking tour begins in the heart of Trastevere, more commonly recognized as Piazza Trilussa. An experienced guide will start the walking tour by introducing themselves to the group. After greetings, the group will be led through the back streets of local neighborhoods, in which the guide will provide everyone with lots of really interesting history information along the way. The end of this first part, a truly enjoyable walking tour, starts the beginning of the second part of the tour – a privately prepared dinner in a local villa.

The dinner part of the tour takes place in a cozy villa that’s somewhat hidden from the mainstream, adding to the overall allure. It’s easy to feel at home when at the villa as all groups are not only welcomed and given a private tour of the villa, they also get to meet and talk with the chef who will be cooking their meal that night. Dinner consists of four delicious courses of some of the more popular and traditional dishes that are native to the area. Wine will be served and specifically chosen to go with the dishes that are going to be served on any particular night.

Sitting in and enjoying the beauty that the villa’s garden offers is a common choice for groups when eating, where food can be enjoyed and conversation can flow for hours. Once the group is done eating and everyone is done enjoying each other’s company the walking tour is officially over. The tour guide will be available for anyone who needs any assistance or directions in getting back to their accommodations.

This off the beaten path walk and dine tour in Rome is a must! It truly allows for a wonderful time that can be spent with other travelers, making for a really unique dining experience. Because they limit the number of people in a group to 15 everyone can expect a more personal experience; perfect for those who try to avoid crowds. While there is no dress code, wearing comfortable shoes is definitely recommended.

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