New York Botanical Gardens

New York is definitely one of the top bucket list cities and it’s because there’s such a wide variety of fun and interesting things to do when vacationing in New York. i.e. Times Square, Broadway Plays, Empire State Building, Museums. For those who love nature, visiting New York’s Botanical Gardens Living Museum is a definite must! A Botanical Garden isn’t a place where someone can simply see lots of plants. Instead, they are an establishment that has been specifically created in order to support the research and collection of a variety of documented living plants, which is able to provide visitors with a wealth of educational learning opportunities.

New York’s Botanical Gardens

New York’s Botanical Gardens is one of the top educational institutions when it comes to researching and conserving plants. Existing as a national historic landmark for more than 125 years now, New York’s Botanical Gardens offers visitors a chance to explore as well as even learn more about how they can become involved when it comes to saving the plants of the world.

NYBG Events and Exhibitions

New York Botanical Gardens offers a variety of fun and educational events and exhibits all year round. This makes it a good idea for vacationers to check for any upcoming events or exhibitions so that they can plan their trip to New York’s Botanical Gardens around any particular event or exhibition they wish to see.

NYBG Tours

Many vacationers decide to choose guided tours when visiting the Botanical Gardens, especially for the first time. Having a botanical expert educate visitors on all the various plant collections and gardens is simply going to allow for a much better experience. Visitors can choose a guided tour in order to get more information about a special exhibition, on a specific plan collection, on a specific garden, or they can choose to have a guided tour that will take them through the entire establishment, an impressive 250 acres that can all be explored via the Garden Tram.

Self-guided tours are also available for those who would rather explore the Botanical Gardens on their own. Maps and itineraries are all available that will educate those who decide that a self-guided tour is a better option for them.

VIP and individual tours are also available for vacationers who would like access to behind the scenes tours, or to get the inside scoop on what’s currently happening at New York’s Botanical Gardens.

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