Tips for Business Travelers – Travel Tips

Need some business travel tips? Maybe you’ve just gotten your first job, or maybe you’ve been traveling for years; either way, everyone can benefit from these business travel tips! Let’s jump right in!

Sign up for frequent flyer programs
While most will already have this taken care of, frequent flyer programs are the easiest way to turn your time spent flying into rewards. Most airlines have programs that allow you to accrue miles every time you fly and turn them into free airfare, discounted or free upgrades, access to lounges, and many more. Keep in mind all airlines distribute points differently, so make sure you know how many miles you’re getting for your flight!

Sign up for TSA Pre-Check
If you fly often, as business travels often do, you’ll probably find yourself waiting in line for security. A lot. But, with TSA Pre-check, you get access to a dedicated line that is often much, much faster than the ordinary security line. You won’t have to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, or anything from your carry-on bags, making the whole airport experience much more tolerable. While the TSA Pre-check process is slightly involved (you can find out more about it here), we think it’s totally worth it. Plus, if you’re already a Global Entry or NEXUS member (which you should be if you frequently travel internationally), TSA Pre-check is included, meaning there’s only one interview to sit through. Check out our Global Entry Travel Tips here for more information.

Keep It Light
While you most likely have to have some nice clothes with you for your presentation or meeting, cutting down on the number of bags you have with you means less time waiting to pick them up. Less time waiting to pick them up means more time to explore the city you’re in (or snag a drink at the hotel bar, we’ve been there.) Try traveling in your business attire or carrying it on, allowing you skip the checked bag all together. The airline can’t lose your bag if you’ve got it with you. As a side note, traveling in business attire can also spur gate agents into action when something goes wrong, as airlines will often prioritize their frequent (read: important) travelers before Aunt Edna and her sixtieth trip to Florida.

Get a Power Bank
We’ve all been there – you’re running late for a meeting in the middle of an unfamiliar city and your phone dies. Goodbye GPS, goodbye meeting! Repeat after me: “This has never to happen.” Get yourself a small power bank like this one from Anker, and never fear the battery every again.

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