Travel Tips: Tips for your First Cruise

Taking a is a fantastic way to start the travel experience. For first time travelers, cruises are a great way to start to explore the world simply because the cruise line takes care of almost everything for you. There’s a reason they call them “floating hotels.” Meals are provided almost 24 hours a day, entertainment is always available, and you can visit some great destinations. Read More

Travel Tips: Top 5 Tips for Traveling Safely

Travel Makers breaks down the top 5 tips for traveling safely abroad.

We all want to travel, and we all definitely want to return home without running into any trouble along the way. The fact is, traveling abroad (or even within your own country) makes you a target for individuals that see you as an easy mark. You may think you’re blending in, but even the way you hold your knife and fork at the dinner table may give you away. So, without further ado, here are the top five tips for traveling safely, brought to you from Travel Makers! Read More

Travel Tips: Top 5 Tips for Hostel Living

So, you’ve graduated! Or maybe you’re a little older, and you’ve decided that before you hop out into the wide world of adulthood, you want to spend a little time seeing the real world. There are tons of ways to do it, but in order to do it on the cheap, you’re going to want to stay in a hostel. That said, there are other ideas, of course, like Airbnb, but hostels are undoubtedly the best (read: cheapest) way to see the sights no matter where you’re going. Read More

Top Four Travel Tips for Traveling with Children


We’ve all been there – you’re trying to make your flight on time and you’ve got kids that aren’t quite behaving the way you would want them too. Your first instinct might be to get frustrated and embarrassed; surely everyone around you is judging you. Well, as you’ll learn today, that might not be the case! Here are Travel Maker’s Top Five Travel Tips for traveling with children! Read More

Tips for Business Travelers – Travel Tips

Need some business travel tips? Maybe you’ve just gotten your first job, or maybe you’ve been traveling for years; either way, everyone can benefit from these business travel tips! Let’s jump right in!

Sign up for frequent flyer programs
While most will already have this taken care of, frequent flyer programs are the easiest way to turn your time spent flying into rewards. Most airlines have programs that allow you to accrue miles every time you fly and turn them into free airfare, discounted or free upgrades, access to lounges, and many more. Keep in mind all airlines distribute points differently, so make sure you know how many miles you’re getting for your flight! Read More