Things To Do in Tokyo

Why visit Tokyo, Japan? There are many wonderful locations in the world for people to travel to, making it a good idea for travelers to explore a variety of locations in order to find the best destination for them. Since current trends for 2020 and 2021 include traveling to Asia, learning what some of the more popular things to do in Tokyo, Japan is a great idea.


Things To Do in Tokyo

The list below includes some of the more fun, interesting, and exciting things to do in Tokyo.

Ghibli Museum. This whimsical museum offers many different types of exhibits and short animations. While everything is in Japanese, visitors who like to go to museums will enjoy seeing the many different types of exhibitions. Special exhibitions are often available, which often includes watching informational films. Buying tickets in advance is necessary due to the popularity of this museum.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. These beautiful gardens are located in Shinjuku Park. It’s easy to spend at least half in this large park, which offers the ability to explore Japanese Gardens, French Gardens, and English Gardens. There’s also a teahouse located in the park, as well as ponds, pagodas, cherry blossom trees, and more to explore. Those who choose to explore these gardens are encouraged to pack a picnic lunch.

Memory Lane. Visiting Memory Lane is a must for visitors who want to feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Simply follow the narrow alleyways to explore a number of small restaurants, with red lanterns and food smells guiding the way. The Lane opens from 5:00 PM until midnight, making it a great idea for visitors to plan on eating dinner here while exploring the entire area.

Go Carts. Go Carting in Tokyo means dressing up in one of the character costumes, and then driving through the streets of Tokyo. Yes, even amongst all of the other traffic, it’s possible to drive a go kart on public Tokyo streets. The experience lasts about two ours, and allows visitors to drive to areas to see what they want to see, like skyscrapers, Tokyo shrines and even the ability to explore residential areas in Tokyo.

Visit the Robot Restaurant. This interesting restaurant, which is not really a restaurant and instead an entertainment show, is one of Tokyo’s more popular tourist attractions. The restaurants screams color, plays very loud music, uses neon lights just about everywhere, and entertainers include dragons, ninjas, drums, dancers who have pink or blue har, and of course, lots of robots.

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