Spotlight on Munich

Why visit Munich, Germany? Munich has a lot to offer tourists, as it’s a city that perfectly blends the old with the new. It’s Germany’s 3rd largest city, and is where nearly 1 ½ million people currently reside. The climate is mild, many locals speak English and German, and the overall atmosphere is one that is very laid back, making it a perfect vacation destination for travelers who want a fun yet relaxing vacation experience.

Transportation. Public transportation is both uncomplicated and economical, making it easy for visitors to move around the city. Many visitors choose to walk or rent bicycles, as many things to do and see are within walking distance, and bike lanes are aplenty.

 Outdoor Festivals. While Munich is most known for its annual Oktoberfest, it holds many different types of festivals throughout the year. These festivals often include a variety of international foods, circuses, and lots of loud live music. Music is everywhere in Munich, making it a good idea for those who love all kinds of music to visit at least one outdoor festival. Examples of music include opera, jazz, rock n roll, pop, orchestra’s, and bands.

 Outside Adventures. Public parks are many, and make for a day of exploring fun. Outdoor cinemas are a popular pastime, which take place in the parks. Since the mountains are less than an hour away, it’s easy to catch a train that takes visitors to marked paths. Hikers will not only enjoy viewing the gorgeous scenery and breathing the fresh mountain air, they can enjoy drinking a beer after their hiking venture.

 Museums. This cultural hub has more than 80 museums to explore. This includes art galleries and science-based museums, as well as more unusual offerings, like the Potato Museum, and the Hunting and Fishing Museum. Museum tours are common, and encouraged as visitors can learn a lot via tours. Many museums offer discounts to those who visit on Sundays, making this a popular day for visiting museums in Munich.

 Best Beer Gardens. A beer garden includes an outdoor area where both beer and German food are served. Beer gardens typically include long, shared tables, allowing anyone who enters the area the ability to sit down and enjoy drinking and eating with others.

 Traditional German Food. Some of the more popular traditional food choices available in Munich include schweinshaxe, weisswurst, brezen, spätzle, fischbrötchen, obatzda, hendl, and sauerkraut.

 Shopping. No shopping on Sunday, as all stores in Munich close on Sundays.

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