Things to do in Poipu Beach, Kauai

beachPoipu Beach is located in Kauai on the southern side of the island. The most popular point of interest here is the Poipu Beach Park. People from all over the world come here to visit. Here are just a few things you can do while you’re in the Poipu Beach area:

– Snorkeling, surfing and swimming:  It probably doesn’t surprise you that these are the most popular activities to do in a beach area. Can’t handle surfing? No worries, that’s what body boarding is for. So, if you can’t hang 10 quite yet, you can still ride the waves in one of the most beautiful areas on Earth!

Enjoy a Tahitian dance show in the Poipu Village: Urahutia Productions, a Professional Polynesian Entertainment Company, puts on a Tahitian dance show every Monday and Wednesday within the Poipu shopping village at it’s outdoor center-stage. This bi-weekly production is free and open to the public.*

Watch the Spouting Horn: Every time water rushes under the lava shelf, it bursts through the small opening at the surface spraying salt water up to 50 feet in the area. Unlike other similar attractions in Hawaii, this blowhole is nearby another one that blows only air causing a loud groaning noise. Don’t get too close to this area though. Instead watch it from afar as fatalities as well as serious injuries have occurred here.

Take in the beauty of the Moir Gardens: The Moir botanical gardens were developed in the 1930s on the grounds of the Kiahuna sugar plantation. The Moir family developed them and then opened them to the public allowing visitors to enjoy rare plants and plants native to Hawaii. Because of it’s climate, the Moir family planted several cacti and succulents as they flourish in the dry conditions. There are also a plethora of orchids and bromeliads as well as wiliwili and  plumeria. Be sure to enjoy the lava rock ponds that are populated by schools of koi fish and water lilies while you’re there.


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* As of October 2015