The Best of Istanbul

The Best of Istanbul

It may not come up in your mind as a tourist hot spot, but Istanbul, Turkey actually has quite a few amazing things to offer tourists. Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider Istanbul for your next getaway:

The Spice Market – Medicinal herbs, natural cosmetics and of course, spices, are just a few of the things you will find at what has been dubbed one of the largest bazaars in all of Istanbul. What is a bazaar exactly? It’s essentially a large market, akin to what we think of here in the states as a large flea market. You will also find a variety of food vendors at the Spice Market. Be prepared for aroma overload!

The Blue Mosque – The blue tiles of the interior walls give this historic mosque its nickname. Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish, the Blue Mosque is built on the site of the Great Palace of Byzantium and is the most popular mosque amongst tourists.

Turkish Baths – For a traditional Turkish bath you can expect washing, a thorough scrubbing and a massage. Although some tourists wear a bathing suit or bikini, for the truest of experiences it is recommended to do as the Turkish do and get comfortable with doing it nude. If you fear being seen naked by the general public fret not as you will likely be given a thin towel to wrap yourself in prior to the bath and a thick towel to dry off with after the bath. However, you will be seen naked by your attendant so if you are uncomfortable with this, you might want to skip the baths altogether. Just know that skipping it means you will miss out on what many refer to as one of the most rejuvenating experiences one could have.

Grand Bazaar – Move over Spice Market because the Grand Bazaar is the oldest, largest and most popular covered market in the world. Here you can shop for decadent jewelry, incredible fashions and textiles, carpets, ceramics and so much more. With more than 61 covered streets, more than 3,000 shops and between 250, 000 and 400,000 daily visitors- the Grand Bazaar is a must see.


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