Lounging Around in Saint Barts

Ann July 1 of 4 - Saint Barts

Saint Barts is one of those gorgeous Caribbean destinations with picture-perfect beaches many people dream about visiting. If Saint Barts happens to be on your bucket list here are a few things you should know before you start planning your trip to this beautiful island.

– Get ready to pay a pretty penny for everything. Saint Barts is often touted as the most expensive Caribbean destination. The good news is this makes for less crowded beaches, shops and restaurants, even in the peak season.

– The best months to visit are May and June. From December through April the heat is quite brutal, but December is still considered the peak season. Should you opt for December, expect higher prices and the need to book six months to a year in advance of your trip. The worst time to visit is the rainy season of September through November.

– There are more than 20 public beaches to enjoy and each one is just as beautiful as the next.

– High end shopping is huge in St. Barts and the island is also a duty free port.

– Don’t come here expecting hopping nightclubs and wild parties. There isn’t even a proper movie theater. Coming to St. Barts is more about relaxing, lounging and being pampered than dancing until dawn. In fact, nearly every hotel has a spa of some kind and many allow you to use their facilities even if you are not a guest of the hotel for a fee.

– If adventure is on your itinerary you can enjoy a wide range of water activities from surfing to scuba, deep sea fishing to water skiing. There is kite and wind surfing too.

– French is the official language of the island, but several people speak English as well.

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