Pub Crawls in Ireland

Pub Crawls in Ireland

Is there anything more exciting than an Irish pub crawl for a beer lover? The walk or crawl from bar to bar yields so much fun- the sites, the sounds, the pints, the quarts! (pints and quarts…ahem! This is the real meaning of Ps and Qs ladies and gentleman!)

The only thing more exciting than an Irish pub crawl might just be an Irish pub crawl in Ireland! So, grab your glass and get ready for a whale of a time as we stumble down the streets of Ireland. (Side note- a whale of a time is an actual Irish phrase you should know in the pubs of Ireland. In fact, check out this list of 35 common Irish phrases.)

If you are considering doing a pub crawl in Ireland you can choose to go it on your own or sign up to go with a group. Typically when you go with a group you meet at one location, and then the group is taken from pub to pub on a set itinerary on foot or in a bus. You will need to read the descriptions of the tour you plan to take as some stop at the main tourist destinations, others focus on the music-centered pubs and others still go completely off-grid. Be sure to read reviews of the tour you are considering and look for red flags such as additional fees at certain stops or bonuses such as free drinks included with tour purchase. Of course, the itinerary you will have will most likely be set in stone and will have a specific timeline so if you don’t care for being told what to do or where to go skip the guided crawls and create your own.

How can you create your own pub crawl? Simple! Look up the most popular pubs and see what they all have to offer. Plot them on the map and determine if any are in a decent distance of each other. Pick a few close together and visit them as you see fit. Of course if all this sounds like too much work, you could just look up the itinerary of an actual tour you were considering and just do it on your own. Sure, you will have to handle your own transportation and any bonuses you would have gotten with the group will not be available, but you can stay at each pub as long or as little as you would like and basically do whatever you want to do. However you choose to crawl, just make sure you mind your Ps and Qs!


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