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Marrakesh is Morocco’s former imperial city. Although not often thought of as a tourist hotspot, Marrakesh is rooted in culture and history that offers experiences you won’t soon forget. Here are just a few of the adventures you could have in this fascinating city:

Visit a mosque. The most popular mosque to visit is the Koutoubia Mosque. You won’t be allowed inside if you are not Muslim, but the exterior of the building is stunning enough to encounter. It is also the most famous landmark in Morocco. At night it is brightly lit up making it a must visit location in the day and at night.

Shop til you drop with local vendors. It’s easy to get lost in the streets as you encounter ceramics, robes, spices, colorful tapestries and luxurious textiles. Popular items here include a plethora of leather goods as Marrakesh boasts a significant tanning industry. Between shops be sure to visit the market square where you will find snake charmers charming, well, snakes!

Eat some strange cuisine. Cooked snails, tajine stews, pigeon pie and sheep’s head- Wait what? Yes, you read that correctly. You can dine on sheep’s head in Marrakesh should the mood strike you.

Explore the botanical gardens. The Majorelle Garden is the most expensive to visit, but it is also the most popular. This 12-acre botanical garden is filled with rare flowers, groves of bananas and a wide range of species of birds. Since it is such a popular place to visit get there early to avoid heavy crowds.

Finish the day by retiring in luxury. The best thing about a visit to Marrakesh is said to be its luxurious Riads. These stylishly designed guesthouses have modest exteriors, but what you’ll find inside are rooms that face a garden in the center of the house, clutter-free rooms and old-fashioned Moroccan décor. The trick with choosing which Riad to stay in is to pick one that has been restored as many of them show signs of decay on the interior rather than the comfort you expect from a vacation.


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