Classical Cooking in France

Classical Cooking in France

Imagine for a moment the amazing foods you can enjoy in France- crepes, baked brie, beef bourguignon, coq au vin, pastries and more. Now imagine learning how to cook all these delicious meals and treats and being able to take that knowledge home with you to recreate them whenever the mood strikes you to transport back to France. Enter cooking vacations!

There are a number of culinary schools and tours that have created day and week long cooking classes for tourists that teach any cook at any skill level how to make some of the most popular dishes the French have to offer. Whether you have been cooking all of your life or don’t even know how to boil an egg, there is a cooking class for you. Amazingly enough, many of these courses come with English speaking instructors so you can learn to cook even if you haven’t yet learned how to speak the local language.

Should you choose a day class you can expect to start the day with a rough intro of what the day’s agenda will be like and then be whisked quickly to your station where the instructor will walk you through making at least one dish. Some classes include a wine and cheese presentation where you learn about pairing, whereas others skip straight to meal prep. There are also courses for vegetarians, meat lovers and sweets only classes that teach how to make pastries and baked goods.

For a more in depth learning experience you could choose a six to seven day cooking course where you will learn multiple meals as well as how to properly plate them. These courses dive deep and will send you away with a firmer grasp on what it is about French cooking that makes it so enticing.

The best part? You get to eat all that you cook! So, if you’re ready to talk about culinary tours available to you in France, contact Travel Makers today!

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