Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine

Love lakeside getaways? Lakeside vacation escapes can offer you some of the most unique vacationing experiences, especially if a relaxing vacation is your goal. The Migis Lodge in Maine is a popular getaway option if you’re looking for a relaxing lakeside getaway that also offers a variety of fun things to do for the entire family.

Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine

Migis Lodge first opened in 1916 and now includes 35 lakefront cottages, all perfectly situated along the Sebago shoreline in the middle of a peaceful pine forest. While every day offers the quiet serenity most people are looking for when choosing to vacation in a lakefront cottage, early mornings and sunsets are times that are specially treasured for their extreme beauty.

Fun Activities. Some of the fun water-based activities guests can participate in include skiing, kayaking, fishing and sailing. Taking an enjoyable cruise on the lake is also an option, and is a perfect way for vacationers to spend the day. Tennis and golf are two other popular activities for guests to participate in. Other favorite things to do while vacationing at Migis Lodge include daily picnics with friends or family while simply enjoying the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

Children’s Programs, Menu. Children’s programs are available when adults need a little alone time, including a popular zoo program. While there is a children’s menu, the children’s breakfast buffet is a favorite as all the kids get to sit together while eating, allowing them to fully enjoy each other’s company.

Wellness Center. A wellness center is available for those who are looking for a little indulgence, with massages being one of the more popular spa treatments chosen. Body movement classes are also available, and all take place outside where guests are able to enjoy the views while refreshing their body through exercise.

Dining. When dining at the Migis Lodge, guests can enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while overlooking Sebago Lake. Fresh meals are prepared daily by the chef, whose focus is on traditional American cuisine. There’s no need to make reservations as all guests tables are ready for them upon their arrival. Outdoor dining is also an option and allows guests to enjoying summer lunch cookouts, Sunday breakfast cookouts, Wednesday steak cookouts on a private island, and Friday lobster bakes.

Wine, Cocktails. Guests are invited to enjoy the full bar offerings, which starts everyday at 5:30. Guests can enjoy their drinks while lounging by the fire or on the front porch while enjoying the beautiful lake view.

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