Vintage Wedding Rentals

A wedding’s décor is everything. This is why there’s such a large focus on choosing a theme for a wedding – because a wedding theme creates the ambiance. The ambiance of a wedding sets the mood for the entire event, and is the reason why engaged couples are always searching for the perfect wedding theme. Vintage wedding themes are all the rage right now, and require vintage décor to be used in order to help set the perfect wedding ambiance.

Why a Vintage Wedding?

Couples who choose a vintage wedding theme have a preference for antique, natural and/or classic styles. They prefer a more antiquated wedding because of the ambiance this particular style of wedding offers. Because most vintage rental companies will work with couples in designing their vintage wedding, they’re sure to have everything a couple wants on your special day. Some will even set up all of the vintage decorations for an additional fee.

Vintage Wedding Rentals

Couples can rent a few pieces of vintage wedding décor, or choose an entire vintage wedding package. If you don’t see something you have in mind and want, don’t be afraid to ask for any additional vintage items. They may have the inside scoop on how to provide you with any special or unique vintage décor you’re specifically looking for.

Whether it’s small décor or large accents, you’re sure to find the perfect items for your vintage wedding theme!


  • Vintage Lighting – Chandeliers, lanterns and string lights are three of the top vintage lighting choices, as these old-fashioned lighting choices really help to set the mood of the wedding.
  • Vintage Tables, Table Tops – Table choices are many, so be sure to know what size and style you want. Tabletop vintage décor often include vintage bottles, candles, vases, trays, vases and risers.
  • Vintage Chairs – From folding wood chairs to old style Victorian chairs to velvet parlor chairs, there are many vintage chair selections couples can choose from when choosing a vintage wedding. Cant choose? Mismatched chairs is a popular idea!
  • Vintage Misc Accessories – Small containers and crates, old books, chalkboards, classic floral arrangements, bird cages, and mirrors are popular décor options. Barrels can be used as a serving area or to display the wedding cake.
  • Vintage Signage – Vintage signs and displays are a great way for couples to express themselves. Signs can include love quotes, a thank you message to guests, and the menu for the day.


You’ll need to reserve your vintage wedding rental décor so be sure to check with the vintage rental company so you can understand exactly what their policies are regarding reserving any vintage items you want to include in your wedding.

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