Island of Ishigaki in Japan (Beaches and Foodies)

Why visit Japan? There are so many reasons! The unique Japanese culture, the historical landmarks, the famous Buddhist Temples, Mount Fuji, and traditional Japanese cuisine are all just a few of the many reasons why Japan should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

While Japan has always been a popular tourist destination, there are still a few areas that are a little less unknown, making these tucked away gems great destination spots for vacationers who enjoy their privacy. One of these hidden gems is the island of Ishigaki. In fact, this beautiful Japanese island recently took the #1 spot on TripAdvisor’s “Destinations of the Rise” list for 2018, even beating out an Hawaii destination. Wow!

Island of Ishigaki in Japan – Beaches

The island of Ishigaki is located in Okinawa. A short 3-hour trip out of Tokyo takes you to this quaint Japanese island located in the southwestern area. The gorgeous blue green beach waters and white sands are just the beginning when it comes to the gorgeous landscapes found on this Japanese island. Giant coral reefs are a huge allure for snorkelers and the tropical climate allows anyone to kick back on the beach with a goal of simply soaking up the sun.

List of Top Beaches in Ishigaki:

Fusaki Beach: Well-known for its beautiful sunsets.

Maezato Beach: A popular beach located close to the city’s center.

Sukuji Beach: Close to Kabira Bay, this beach is known for its shallow waters.

Sunset Beach: The almost one-hour drive is worth it to see this gorgeous beach.

Yonehara Beach: Coral reefs are this beaches allure.

Kuura Beach: Private transport is needed to visit this beautiful and fairly private beach.

Uganzaki Beach: Gorgeous views are part of this beaches attraction, as well as its close location to Uganzaki’s lighthouse.

Island of Ishigaki in Japan – Foodies

The local cuisine is truly like no other, making the island of Ishigaki a popular destination spot for foodies! Because Ishigaki cuisine is more tropical-based when compared to many other islands, it takes on a whole new and exciting flavor that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, the lifestyle on the island tends to revolve around the food, exciting everyone’s taste buds so much that there are always food-based special events taking place to accommodate both locals and vacationers. Nice!

Daily seafood specialties are a huge focus, as well as Yaeyama soba noodles, which are quite popular as they offer a different take on these popular and delicious noodles. Island grown peppers are available for those who like to add a little spice to their food.

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