Iceland’s Bjorbodin Spa

Currently booking your next trip to Iceland? If you love spas, then adding this unique spa to your list of things to do while in Iceland is highly recommended. The Bjorbodin Spa is a Beer Spa, and includes 7 bathtubs made to hold two people while they comfortably soak their bodies in beer, water, hops and yeast. Guests get to choose between lounging in an interior beer bath or an exterior beer bath, of which the exterior offers beautiful and relaxing views. The option for bigger groups to sit together in the outside beer hot tub is available.

The Bjorbodin Spa in Iceland was launched in June, 2017. The legal drinking age in Iceland is 20.

Iceland’s Bjorbodin Spa

When guests show up at the Bjorbodin Spa, the staff will fully take care of their every need. Guests can choose to wear a bathing suit or can go al natural, as both towels and bathrobes are provided. While it may be tempting for some soakers to drink their beer bathwater, this is definitely not recommended. Instead, guests can opt to drink beer from the nearby tap while soaking in their beer filled bathtub, which makes for a truly one of the kind and thus quite unique spa adventure.

The amount of time guests get to soak in their beer mixture is about 25 minutes, after which they are escorted to a relaxation room. In the relaxation room, guests will be covered with cozy blankets while lying down in the dark listening to very calming music, which lasts for about 40 minutes.

The beer mixture, especially the yeast, is said to be very beneficial to the body. The positive effects it has on the body, especially the skin and hair, are deemed magical and for that reason guests are encouraged to leave the yeast on their skin for at least 4 hours after getting out of the beer tub.

Bjorbodin Spa and Restaurant

After the beer spa bathtub, guests are encouraged to dine in the adjacent restaurant. A variety of local inspired cuisine is available, of which all are handpicked to go perfectly with a glass of beer. All of the beer served at the restaurant is made at the local brewery down the road, aka Kaldi Beer. The beer is made unpasteurized, which means made without any preservatives or added sugars. Instead, only the basic beer making materials are used – water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

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Iceland’s Bjorbodin Spa