Treetop Dining at Sopneva Kiri Resort in Koh Kood, Thailand

Enjoy looking for new adventures to partake in? How does dining in a treetop sound? Remember how much fun it was to climb a tree and enjoy the views when you were a kid? Now you can enjoy a dining adventure in the treetops, which is definitely a one of a kind experience that everyone should add to their bucket list. And all while exploring the beautiful island of Koh Kood in Thailand.

Koh Kood, Thailand

The island of Koh Kood, aka Koh Kut, is a nature lovers paradise as there are beaches, waterfalls and even jungles to explore. While many nature travelers make it a goal to visit Thailand every couple of years or so, this island is one that never seems too crowded. The scenery is stunning with the rugged mountainsides and the crystal clear blue waters, a contrast that many nature lovers enjoy.

Sopneva Kiri Resort

Nature lovers will also enjoy visiting this unique eco-resort in Thailand! There are many experiences to be had at the Sopneya Kiri resort, which offers visitors a fantastic blend between natural jungles and modern luxury’s. Visiting this resort is a must for those who enjoy the natural rainforest, with current recommendations for all visitors to stay at least a week so that they can appreciate all that this high end resort has to offer. And because this resort is a private resort, it is the perfect location for vacationers who are looking for a little bit more privacy.

Treetop Dining

The entire duration of the treetop dining experience is 2 hours long for meals and 1 hour long for high tea. Adventure seekers will take their seat in a bamboo pod, which holds up to four guests and is hoisted up and up until it is finally situated high into the tropical trees of the Koh Kood’s rain forest. The views of the trees and the ocean are absolutely spectacular, and are to be fully enjoyed while enjoying gourmet cuisine and sipping delicious wines. Examples of cuisine include baked white fish in banana leaves, made fresh with Thai spices and locally made salsa.

When the services of the personal waiter are required, it’s easy to be impressed by their acrobatics when attending to vacationers requests as they’ll be using a zip line. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and high tea are all available, of which all offer for different and unique views.

This dining experience is listed as one of Forbes Six of the World’s Most Unique Dining Experiences!

Treetop Dining at Sopneva Kiri Resort

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