How to Beat the Summer Heat in Europe

Thinking about planning your next vacation to Europe? There are many reasons to visit this second smallest continent, as it offers a wide variety of fun, interesting, and educational things to see and do. The fact there are a total of 44 countries within Europe, makes it a good idea for you to learn more about them so you can create a travel itinerary that will provide you with memories that will easily last an entire lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Europe?

Now that you’ve decided to vacation in Europe, understanding when the best time to visit is necessary. According to top tourism sites, the best time to in vacation in Europe is in the summer months. This means planning a vacation sometime in between June and September, when the sun is high in the sky making the weather warm and sunny. The fact that last year was one of Europe’s hottest, makes it a good idea for you to understand how to beat the heat when vacationing in Europe.

How to Beat the Summer Heat in Europe

The list below includes some cooling off ideas for travelers who plan on vacationing in Europe during the summer months.

Visit Museums. Museums are not only full of interesting history, they’re a place that allows an escape when the heat is too much to bear. Instead of getting in line, visitors should buy tickets that allow them to enter without having to wait outside in order to get their tickets. A shortlist of some of the more famous museums in Europe include The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, The Louvre in France, The Musee d’Orsay in France,  The Museum of Art History of Vienna in Austria, The British Museum in England, and The Vatican Museum in Vatican City.

Enjoy Icy Treats. Some of the best European treats to enjoy during the heat of the summer include icy treats. These treat will include various types of frozen fruit, fruit juices, chocolate, and cream, which means there are many different types of flavor combinations to be had. Visitors are encouraged to try a grattacheccha, which is considered to be a Roman specialty that’s made using crushed ice, a fruit syrup, and a delicious array of fruit toppings.

Book an Underground Tour. Underground tours in Europe are available, offering both private tours and small group tours for visitors to learn more about the underground workings of Europe. Tours are led by experts on the underground world, so visitors can learn all about the underground architecture, as well as more about all of the sewers, crypts, and buried temples that lie within Europe’s underground past.

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