5 Best Day Trips from Budapest

Choosing to vacation in Budapest means you’re most likely looking to unwind and relax in a popular Europe vacation destination location so you can get a break from your everyday life. The overall atmosphere in Budapest is one that supports leisure, and offers visitors the ability to learn more about the peaceful pace of life that exists here. All in all, Budapest is one of the more popular European city destinations travelers are choosing in 2020.

5 Best Day Trips from Budapest

Below is a list of 5 of some of the absolute best day trips travelers can take from the city of Budapest.

1. Esztergom. Esztergom is a great day trip if only for the reason to visit its huge Basilica, which is the largest in Hungary. It’s located just above the Danube, and offers impressive all around views over the river, as well as the entire town. Taking the train from Budapest will take travelers about 90 minutes, but they can also catch the bus or take a boat, with boats offering the best scenic views. but the most scenic way to travel to Esztergom — or back — is by boat.

2. Eger. A 2 hour train ride gets travelers to the stunning town of Eger. Its central Plaza is a great place to explore what the city has to offer, which includes many different Baroque Churches to explore, thermal baths to soak in, architectural buildings to take in, red wines to try, and its famous old time castle to investigate. Touring the Castle of Eger allows for the best views of this second largest city in Northern Hungary.

3. Szentendre. A day trip to Szentendre only takes about an hour when taking the train, and is one of the more popular day trips for both locals and travelers. This tiny and very charming is filled with streets that have houses on either side, and are painted some of the most alluring colors. The cobbled streets, the old-time churches, the art museums, the old mills and more allows for a fun and cultural day trip.

4. Gödöllő Palace. Taking a short train ride to Gödöllő allows travelers to enjoy visiting this quaint little town just outside the city of Budapest. Seeing the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is the main reason for visiting the town, which is truly a sight to see up close and personal. Exploring the grounds is also recommended as it includes an arboretum, statues, botanical gardens, and the Horthy Bunker. Tours are available. The Baroque Theater is another site to see, as it’s one of the oldest theaters that’s still being used to this day.

5. Lake Balaton. A train trip to Lake Balaton takes about 2 hours, which is worth the time to visit the largest freshwater lake in Europe. While there are many things to see and do here, the area is definitely worth seeing simply for its sheer beauty. There are vineyards to visit, small towns to explore. hiking in the volcanic hills, turquoise water to lounge by, museums to explore, great cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy.

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