Honeymoon in Barcelona

Honeymoon in Barcelona

Think of the most romantic cities in Europe. I’ll bet you thought of stereotypical places such as Venice, Santorini, even Paris. It might surprise you to learn that many people consider Barcelona to be the most romantic city in Europe and therefore more and more couples are forgoing those other cities and honeymooning in Barcelona instead. Here are some of the things honeymooners can enjoy doing there:

Have a picnic lunch at The Park Güell. Many tourists visit this park merely to enjoy the gardens and architectural elements. Romantics step it up a notch by grabbing some food and beverages from local vendors and enjoying a picnic on the grounds.

Just beach it. Seriously, is there anything more romantic than walking hand in hand down the beach with your lover? Ocata Beach is one of the quieter beaches about a half an hour outside of the city via train. A closer beach that is also quieter than most of the beach in Barcelona is Garraf Beach. You can get there in five minutes by train and it’s just a short walk from the station after that.

Soak in a bath and then get a massage. The spas in Barcelona are focused on relaxation. Enjoy a rejuvenating traditional Roman bath complete with steam and salt waters before indulging your senses with a relaxing couples massage.

Take in a sunset from a Cathedral. Get a bottle of wine from a local vendor and then head to a Cathedral such as the Gothic Plaça de Santa Maria at least an hour before sunset. Snag an awesome place to sit and sip wine as the day fades into night and then…

Dance the night away. Whether you are looking for an Ibiza styled beach bash of a party or a small hole in the wall or even something in between, Barcelona has loads of clubs opened from dusk til dawn giving you and your new spouse the opportunity to spice it up on the dance floor until you’re ready to go back to your hotel room and dance some more!

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