Cruising Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier

Lush landscapes, insurmountable beauty, stunning glaciers and amazing wildlife are just a few of the things that a cruise to Alaska offers. Because of this it’s probably no surprise that Alaskan cruises are one of the most popular cruises available. These cruises are only available from late April to early October due to their frigid winters, but even with its limited availability most passengers who make the trek quickly claim it’s the best cruise they have ever been on.

Just a few of the things to do in Alaska include visiting glaciers such as the Mendenhall Glacier pictured in this post, encounter wildlife such as humpback whales and orcas, take in the beauty of snow-capped mountains and emerald forests and enjoy some of the best King Crab you may ever eat. You may even spot a bald eagle or grizzly bears while touring the different ports of call, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you decide to go on an Alaskan cruise you will have a wide range of ships to choose from as the popularity is so great for Alaska that both big ocean liner cruise ships and smaller scale river cruise lines and every type of ship in between has some kind of an Alaskan itinerary.

The most popular port of call on Alaskan cruises is Juneau. This city is not only Alaska’s capital, it also happens to be one of the few places that are only accessible by boat or aircraft because there are no roads that connect outside of the city.

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