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Travel Makers recently caught up with one of our clients after her return from Belize. Janet Adkins and her group went to Belize for a fun filled Christmas holiday and we couldn’t wait to hear what she thought her trip. This is what Janet had to say:

We did have a wonderful time. Bob gave the dinner to his stepson Josh to propose to Natalie on the trip. The resort did a Great job providing a romantic setting. The chef spoke with Josh about the menu. They had lion fish, a real delicacy. Everyone there was so nice and Josh and his waiter plan to be facebook friends. The staff was friendly and terrific.

I didn’t go on the snorkeling trip but they really enjoyed it. They snorkeled with sand sharks and stingrays and could touch them. The lunch on the island was really good and they had time to swim around. The manatees were ok, but snorkeling was the hit.

The Mayan ruin and cave tubing trip was good too…We hiked about 3 miles with tubes and forded the river 3 times before we got to the cave. It was fun…

The catamaran cruise was good and the rum punch strong! The restaurants were all good and each decorated different. The food was great everywhere particularly the fish. Everyone enjoyed their spa visits too.

All in all though it was great trip. Belize is not for sissies though with the bumpy wet boat rides and roads. We all enjoyed it and had lots of laughs.

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