Giving Back to Those in Need

At Travel Makers one thing that is very important to us is giving back to the community. We believe that when you can you should always help others in need because that is one of the easiest ways to show you care and truly bring a community together and boost the strength of the people and businesses within it.

Our owner, Ann Johnson,  has been especially passionate about giving back ever since her brother passed away. Before his passing he spent time in the Stella Maris hospice and after the care they gave him and her family Ann was moved to do something for them. The following Thanksgiving Ann and her family personally prepared Thanksgiving dinner for families of those who had loved ones in the hospice. It was a simple act that didn’t take her too much time or money but its impact has an amazing ripple effect.

One of the charities Ann and Travel Makers are working with is the It’s My Bag initiative. This amazing program provides suitcases and travel bags to kids in foster homes so that they can have a place to put their belongings. The sad truth is that when a kid is in foster care they are generally given a garbage bag to hold their stuff in while in transition from place to place. It’s My Bag was created to replace those garbage bags! Our offices are a drop off location for donations so we encourage you to stop by and donate. In fact, every donor will receive a FREE $25 travel voucher as our thank you for giving to this cause! Click here to read more about It’s My Bag.

Travel Makers plans to continue giving back to our community even more in the future and we are excited about coming up with ways to do just that. We hope that our actions will not only inspire others to donate to the causes we are getting involved with, but to spark a movement among everyone around us to come up with their own causes to get involved in so that we can all work towards making our world a better place.

What are your favorite ways to give back to your community? We’d love to hear about it!

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