What destinations are worth a first class ticket?

Lisa and Edward have dreamed about a trip to Italy. Every time they fly, they do the best they can to save money on airfares. They watch for sales, time their trips to off-peak and comparison shop. That will all change when they fly to Italy. No expense will be spared.

Why? They say that this destination is worth a first class ticket. The trip is almost double in the length of time that they are used to, so they want to be comfortable on their journey.

Comfort is just one of the reasons why splurging on a first-class ticket is worth it. There’s more legroom to stretch out, a bigger screen, and a chair that reclines further back.

Some airlines have even more extravagant benefits of first class. When Eithad’s The Residence launched in 2014, it offered a fully staffed suite, a chauffeur to a private check-in and lounge, an onboard butler, leather sofa, two dining tables and a personal chef.

The best destinations for a first class ticket may actually depend on the amenities offered in the first class seating area. According to FlightFox, the best first class service belongs to Singapore Suites, followed by Cathay Pacific First Class Suites, Emirates First Class Suites, Etihad Diamond First and Lufthansa First Class.

Amenities on Emirates include your own private area where you can close the door and rest without interruption. Other amenties include a personal limousine to pick you up and take you to the airport.

While first class tickets are typically a high-priced item, some airlines reduce their fees with special sales. How can you tell if the price is worth it? An article on the Travel Pulse website shows you how to determine if the cost is worth it. The author, Melinda Crow, writes, “The first step in making your decision is to calculate what’s included with the first-class ticket that you would pay for in economy. Are you checking bags? All three major carriers charge $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second, with a few exceptions for certain credit card holders. The weight limits on those bags is 50 pounds. Those same bags are free for first-class ticket holders, plus the bags can weigh 70 pounds. Money saved each way: potentially $60.”

Add in the meals you need, including a glass of wine, and your savings have added up to $85. “So now your extras have added up to as much as $85 each way when you fly economy,” writes Crow. “That first-class ticket is looking a little more tempting.”

The final decision comes down, not to your destination, but to your budget and desire for comfort.

Travel Makers MD