Truffle Hunting in the Istrian Region of Croatia

Visiting Croatia is on many travelers lists for best places to travel. This central European, Mediterranean country is one that borders the Adriatic Sea, making it a maritime border with Italy. The Croatian government has recently begun to reopen its economy, with hopes of reopening its borders as soon as they can do so safely. In the meantime, travelers can go ahead and book their next trip to Croatia.

Travelers who want to visit Croatia are encouraged to book their travels with an experienced travel agent. This way they’re sure to be kept up-to-date on any and all traveling news that pertains to this beautiful and interesting country.

Truffle Hunting in the Istrian Region of Croatia

One of the many reasons why travelers want to visit Croatia is to go truffle hunting. The Istrian Region is located in a part of Croatia’s mystic forests, which is definitely part of the allure. These forests are a large part when it comes to why so many truffles grow in this region, and also helps to explain why Istrian Cuisine includes so many black and white truffles. Truffles are considered to be quite the specialty, with cuisine examples that incorporate truffles including chocolate, cheese, and pasta dishes.

Since some truffle varieties grow all year long, the ability to go truffle hunting is possible all year long. Because there are festivals held to celebrate the beauty and deliciousness of truffles, travelers are encouraged to learn about these festivals so they can decide if they want to travel during a time when a festival is being held. One example is the Zigante Truffle Days Festival, which takes place from mid-September to the early part of November.

There are also many truffle tours to choose from, making it a good idea for travelers to look into all of their choices so they’re sure to choose a tour that meets all of their expectations. All tours use the keen nose of dogs to help find the truffles, which is a sight to see in itself. Most truffle tours end with a truffle-based lunch or dinner, allowing those who participated in the truffle hunt to enjoy consuming this gourmet food item.

Croatian truffles are a culinary treat that are not so easily found, which is why so many travelers choose to visit Croatia with a goal of enjoying the truffles that the country is quite famous for. Both daytime and nighttime truffle hunts are available. Other nearby tour options include Wine Tours, Cooking Tours, Lake Tours, and Harvesting Seafood Tours.

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