Travel Gadgets

It’s always nice to have the latest and greatest technology with you when you travel. Here are some new gadgets that are perfect for your next travel journey.

Waterproof phone case: Have you ever gotten water in your phone, and then maybe had to put it in a bowl of rice or, unfortunately, have to get a new phone altogether? The Waterproof Phone Case from Overboard in Surrey, England, solves that problem. It comes in sizes for both the Android and iPhone and you can even take calls while your phone is safely sealed within the waterproof case. So get in that pool or ocean because you won’t miss a thing.

Portable speaker and more: The Buckshot Pro is more than just an easy-to-use portable speaker. It’s also a flashlight, strobe light, camp light, and a portable battery for your phones or tablets. In a small size that makes it easy to carry, it’s the perfect multitool for your next vacation, especially if it’s in the great outdoors.

Wi-Fi accessible memory card: The process of transferring photos from a DSLR camera to social media, such as Facebook, or a phone can be quite trivial and annoying. The EyeFi Mobi memory card makes it easy. It works like a regular memory card with an added bonus of Wi-Fi capability, which means photos are instantly transferred to cell phones, computers, or whatever else you’d like to add as soon as they are taken.

External battery power: Have you ever had your phone die because you were traveling and couldn’t find an outlet? Fear no more with the Aukey External Battery. With a built-in flashlight and LED lights to display the battery power left, it can charge an iPhone for a full seven times before needing to be recharged. With capabilities for Android as well, it’s a great way to ensure your phone won’t die in an emergency.

Make unpacking easier: You finally made it off the plane, off the train, out of the cab, into your new hotel room…and now you need to unpack. If you were ever in this situation and thought “man, I wish my suitcase was a closet,” then you’re in luck! The Shelfpack is a closet and suitcase in one, with expanding shelves and side pockets to maximize space and make unpacking virtually useless.

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