The Tuscany of Spain, Castilla y Leon

Thinking about planning your next trip to Spain? More specifically Castilla y Leon, the largest region of Spain? Many travelers choose to visit this particular area of Spain because it’s void of all the labels that come with planning a Spain vacation, making it one of Spain’s hidden destinations that should be on everyone’s vacation bucket list.

The Tuscany of Spain – Castilla y Leon

Castilla and Leon were united in 1983. Since this time, the area has come into its own. The serene countryside, the isolated castles, the back roads that wind in and out of the many villages, are all just a small part of the allure to be found here. Other top reasons for visiting include the delicious Tuscan cuisine that can only be found in this region, the local fine wines, and the wild truffles

The following is a list of the city’s that make up the Tuscany of Spain, along with one or more reasons why travelers should stop by and visit that particular city.


  • Salamanca. Salamanca is home to Castilla’s busiest city, which is attributed to the rare beauty found here. Spain’s oldest university can be found here, established by King Alfonso IX in 1218.
  • Segovia. Segovia is well-known for their Roman constructed aqueduct, which runs right through the middle of town and is a definite must see. The cobbled streets and architectural buildings are full of history, and the culinary finds here are not to be missed.
  • Avila. Avila is well-known as the birthplace of Saint Teresa. Still surrounded by 11th century walls and multiple lookout towers, Avila is a top tourist attraction due to its being promoted as a modern medieval town.
  • Burgos. Burgos is home to the only cathedral in Spain designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The local cuisine and fine wines available here keeps travelers coming back year after year.
  • Leon. Because the city Leon is full of rich cultural heritage and includes national parks and open air mines, UNESCO has designated the area as a World Heritage site.
  • Zamora. Zamora is a stunning medieval city to visit, and includes many Romanesque churches for visitors to explore and enjoy.
  • Valladolid. Valladolid is Castilla y Leon’s capital city. A museum of sculptures is a top tourist attraction, as well as the Easter week processions that take place here.
  • Soria. Soria is home to Romanesque-style churches, and located right at the Duero River.
  • Palencia. Palencia is home to many impressive Romanesque monuments, including an impressively gorgeous cathedral and an archaeological museum.

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