San Antonio River Walk

travel makers mdYou know what they say in Texas, “Go Big or Go Home”? We bet that you won’t want to go home when you visit the San Antonio River Walk, which is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, Texas. There’s never a dull moment at the San Antonio River Walk. You can fill up your vacation with how much there is to do here:

Entertainment: Whether you’re vacationing solo or with a bunch of your friends and family, nobody will be bored. Spend your day antique shopping or playing games with the kids at Dave & Buster’s. If that’s not enough, try to escape the trendy Escape Rooms or be amazed at the weird displays at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! There are family-friendly attractions and also bars and clubs for the older crowd.

Dining: Just like there is something for everyone to do, there is also something for everyone to eat. There’s Rio Rio Cantina, one of the original Mexican restaurants on the River Walk, or if you’re looking for something Italian, Paesanos River Walk has you covered. Dick’s Last Resort, known as “The Rowdy of the River,” offers a unique atmosphere for dining that also offers a gorgeous view of the river. From cafes to take out to fine dining, you’ll never go hungry here.

Culture: All around you at the River Walk are ways that you can experience the culture of Texas. There is the Briscoe Western Art Museum, which showcases classic art pieces, and the La Villita Historic Arts Village, which is known for its markets showcasing local crafts projects from the villagers. The Buckhorn Museum has everything from animal exhibits to a shooting range. You can finish off your day with a broadway show or concert at the Majestic and Empire Theatres.

Tours: If you’re looking for a guided experience around the River Walk, your options are wide open. The classic choice would be to take a Rio San Antonio Cruise, which is a 35-minute boat ride that gives you the history of the River Walk. If you like a drink with your tour, The Barwalk is a tour that takes you to the bars and taverns around town. You could also take a Discovery Tour in the Natural Bridge Caverns, or maybe even take their Canopy Challenge. And if you’re not feeling up to walking, there’s always a Segway tour.

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