Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia

Planning your next trip to Europe? Adding Croatia to your itinerary is a must as it has so much to offer. One of its best offerings is Plitvice Lake National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that makes this park one of Croatia’s most popular tourist attractions.


This Mediterranean country is perfectly situated along the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. It is a geographically diverse country due to its flatlands, highlands, and islands. While the main language spoken here is Croatian, many people who live here also speak German and Italian, with a little English on the side. There are many options for traveling within Croatia, with choices simply being dependent on each travelers preference, i.e. plane, train, car, bus, boat.
Plitvice Lake National Park

The Plitvice Lake National Park is not only the largest park in Croatia, it is also the oldest. Its claim to fame is its absolute beauty. A total of 16 different turquoise colored lakes are to be enjoyed here, of which all are linked together via spectacular waterfalls. The park covers about 5 square miles of green, lush forest, and includes plenty of wildlife, including deer, bears, wolves, and boars. Bird lovers will enjoy the fact that there are a few different species of rare bird that can be found here. Guided tours of the park are available.


Summertime is a popular time for visiting the park due to the warm weather. This is a time when many families choose to visit as everyone can enjoy relaxing by the lake, as well as enjoy swimming in them. But spring, fall, and even winter are not to be forgotten. Springtime weather is nice and cool and offers visitors the chance to see all of the plants and flowers start to come into bloom. Fall weather is chilly and allows visitors to enjoy views of the changing colors of trees from summer to fall. Wintertime is a magical time for the park. The snowfall and icy lakes are a wonderful sight to behold!


While the park is open every day of the year, it can get crowded during certain times of the year making it a good idea to make traveling plans in advance so one knows what to expect. Visitors often choose to stay 1 or 2 days as there are three nearby hotels that allow for convenient accommodations. There are also private accommodations available in the area, i.e. guesthouses, rooms for rent, local apartments for rent.

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Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia