How to Tour the Berlin Wall

Thinking about planning your next trip to Germany? Berlin is the capital of Germany and is a must see when vacationing in the country of Germany. Countries that border Germany include Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, making it so many travelers who visit Germany will also choose to visit one or more of these other western European countries.

The Berlin Wall

Berlin is a place that offers an amazing array of delicious and unique food choices, and is a must visit for anyone who has a love and appreciation for the variety of famous beers that can be found here. It is also a place full of rich history, beckoning those who are interested in learning more about Berlin’s history to explore its Jewish Museum, The Holocaust Memorial, and the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall was built as a barrier to separate the east part and the west part of Berlin. The East Side Gallery is one of the more defining symbols of what the Wall represented, and is the last part of the Wall that is still standing. Now that the Berlin Wall is a popular tourist attraction, many people have added a trip to see the Berlin Wall to their travel bucket list.

How to Tour the Berlin Wall

There are 3 different ways for visitors to tour the Berlin Wall.

Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour. The Berlin Wall memorial includes a visitor center, a large outdoor exhibit, and a documentation center. Starting at the visit center is recommended, as this is the beginning of the Berlin Wall Memorial. While the entire walking tour takes about 2 hours to complete, it can take longer for those who want to explore all exhibits, making it a good idea for many visitors to plan spending at least half a day touring the Wall this way.

Take a Bike Tour. Visitors can tour the Berlin Wall by taking a bicycle tour. The Berlin Wall Cycle Route allows for great vies of the city, and very closely follows the path of the Berlin Wall. The road is mainly asphalt, making for a great day of cycling. Riders need to follow the signs, as they cover the entire cycle route, which is just under 100 miles. Touring the Berlin Wall this way truly allows for a great understanding of the history behind the Wall.

Take a Cold War Guided Tour. Guided tours are available, and is recommended for visitors who want a more in-depth understanding of what the Wall represented. Tours tend to start at the infamous Checkpoint Charlie location, where visitors will be told stories about the Border Guards, Soviet and Allied forces, Stasi and the CIA. Behind the scenes will be explored, including hidden areas located on the Death Strip, espionage places where the CIA and KGB existed, and where escape attempts were made.

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