How to have a stress free air travel experience?

travel makers mdTraveling is meant to be fun, but sometimes it can get stressful because of such unexpected moments as delayed flights, security lines and lost luggage.

To have a stress free air travel experience takes a lot of planning. In addition to taking the necessary steps to minimize the stress, you need to be flexible and have a positive attitude when it comes to handling any obstacles that may come your way.

So what is it that bothers you about flying? Pinpoint what stresses you out so you can put a plan in place to reduce them. For example, if one of your stressors is lost luggage, consider traveling luggage free. Believe it or not, some travelers actually ship their luggage to their destination to reduce the chance that the airlines will pull a magic act on your bags and make them disappear.  If you do bring luggage, consider just a carry on and make sure to tag all of your luggage properly. Also, pack as if you are going to lose your luggage, which means have your necessities on you. Don’t pack cash, important documents, medication or anything valuable in your checked luggage. Pack them in your carry on, along with a change of clothes.

Security lines get to you? In this era of heightened security, you need to expect delays and build extra time in to get through screening. The key to saving time in security is to make sure you are prepared for the security lines and are not carrying anything questionable. Keep your boarding pass and government-issued photo ID available at all times. Take your laptop out of its case and take any jackets or loose sweaters off. Participate in TSA PreCheck, and you can practically sail through check in.

If you have white knuckles and high anxiety from a fear of flying, it is probably coming from your own self-talk where you have convinced yourself that something bad is going to happen. To help you cope, try to put some soothing music or podcasts on your iPod or tablet to listen to during the flight. Before your vacation, stay away from newscasts and television programs about flight accidents. Be well rested so that you are not overtired and overanxious.

Again, it all takes planning, but you don’t want to plan yourself through every moment. Something is bound to happen and you need to be ready to change at a moment’s notice.

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