Hiking Antelope Canyon

Currently planning your next trip to Arizona? Or maybe you’re a traveler who is always looking for your next best hiking vacation? Or maybe you love taking pictures of things that are extraordinary? Antelope Canyon is a popular tourist spot in Arizona, as hundreds of thousands of people plan a trip to visit this spectacular canyon every single year.

Hiking Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona. The Canyon is divided into two different sections, the Upper Canyon and the Lower Canyon. Both canyons offer hikers spectacular exploring opportunities, making it a good idea for all visitors to understand the differences in between the two canyons.

Upper Canyon – The upper part of the canyon is very easy to get to and is therefore recommended for newbies and families. The walking paths located in this upper section of the Canyon are much wider and easy to navigate. While this Canyon is more popular for these reasons, they tend to more crowded than the Lower Canyon. The famous ‘light beams’ and ‘pouring sand’ can be viewed in the Upper Canyon. Visitors must always be accompanied by a tour guide.

Lower Canyon – While the Lower Canyon is not as crowded as the Upper Canyon, it does take longer to get through all the walking paths. This makes the Lower Canyon a great choice for those who are wanting to spend more time in Antelope Canyon. It will also be easier for those who want to take great pictures to take them here. The paths are narrower and it is necessary for hikers to use ladders to climb down into the canyon. It is not necessary to always be with a tour guide when exploring this lower part of the canyon.

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is between mid-March and early October as this is the time when the light shafts and light beams are at their most spectacular.

What to Bring

Every hiking trip requires hikers to bring certain items with them, no matter how long they will be hiking. Many hikers will plan on exploring Antelope Canyon for half a day or so, while others will plan on spending the entire day, if not two or three days. The following is a list of what every hiker needs to bring with them when exploring Arizona’s gorgeous Antelope Canyon.

A small backpack that includes plenty of snacks, plenty of water, a way to take pictures, a bandanna, sunglasses, and plenty of cash to pay for the entrance fee, tours and tips.

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